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1BTC = 8199.5 USD

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About BitTrade

"BitTrade" is one of the leaders among global
trading companies!

About BitTrade.

BitTrade is the pumping of your investment opportunities. Trend direction in the sphere of financial technologies. We deal with the most popular crypto currency Bitcoin. Anonymity. Digital Security. All this is BitTrade. One by one we determine the most perspective direction of development and our analysts make an expert assessment of the state of the market. All the time, a thorough audit and review of all current operations are carried out, which ensures a stable income percentage.

Today, there are many offers on the investment market, but all of them have their own pitfalls: low profitability, high risks, unreliable storage of funds. Now there is a solution that will allow you to forget about these and other problems once and for all due to advanced technologies. Offers you not just to get benefits, but to become part of the story. Now your bank is you. You will have access to innovative investment opportunities, while fully retaining control over all of your assets. Absolutely anonymous and safe. It's time to return what belongs to you by right - your freedom.

Everyone can become an investor of BitTrade, the minimum investment amount is only 0.01 btc. Due to the high profitability of the project, your income can reach up to 4% monthly! Also you can invite your friends and friends of friends to the project and earn an affiliate reward of 5%.

The main activities of BitTrade are:

  • Popularization of blockchain technology
  • Conduct presentations on the topic of crypto-currency
  • Learning the basics of the crypto-currency world
  • Trades in the crypto-currency markets

TA and FA

Our traders use several analysis strategies. Long-term investments use the Fundamental Analysis, which allows to open all aspects of the project, to study its team and the technology itself. Tech Analysis is never the less important method also. Our specialists have been trained and have years of practice and despite of an empty chart graphs they can see a lot of important data. The combination of these methods allows you to keep a precise cut risk management and see the picture of events on the market.

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